Scholarship Opportunities on Human Rights for Filipinos

University of Oxford: Brunsfield Oxford ASEAN Human Rights Scholarship

As one of the leading universities in the world, the University of Oxford boasts of the many brilliant students that have emerged from their institution. With an admission rate of 17.5% during the year 2015, Oxford is one of the many universities that welcomes international students into its doors. Along with this, Oxford is becoming more and more inclusive to international students by giving foreign aid to each and every person – no matter what their status, ethnicity, religion, or gender is.

The University of Oxford is glad to open fully funded scholarships to the members of the ASEAN. Anyone who is a national of any ASEAN state and has a GPA of at least 3.7, with 4 being the highest, is welcome to apply for the said scholarship. Although no news has been stated for the upcoming academic year, the details will be more or less the same.

University of Roehampton: Erasmus Mundus Human Rights Policy and Practice

Located in London, the University of Roehampton is home to many who wish to partake in fields relating to education, dance, drama theatre and performance, humanities, and many more. As a member of the Santander Universities Network, Roehampton offers unique opportunities to those who lack the financial privileges in order for them to pursue their wants and passions. Along with this, Roehampton also offers online degrees which is inclusive to those who are unable to take regular classes.

The University of Roehampton is one of the partner universities of the Erasmus program which offers a scholarship on human rights. This scholarship is inclusive to everyone and it will consist of studying in three universities: Göteborgs Universitet, Universidad de Busto, and University of Roehampton.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Started in the year 1925, this scholarship program is offered to everyone who is interested in doing their postgraduate studies in Germany. However, for international students, you must already be doing your undergraduate or postgraduate studies during the time of application. A total of forty international students will be accepted in this program. This scholarship program has a four-step procedure which will last for a minimum of four months and a maximum of seven months.

Central European University: Master of Arts in Human Rights

Labelling itself as a “graduate-level ‘crossroads’ university”, the Central European University opens itself to faculty and students from different backgrounds. Located at the center of Europe, CEU is known for being an institution that is an “open society” since it is very inclusive compared to many universities. Although it was just founded in the year 1991, CEU is now known for its excellent teaching and research which is inclined to the promotion of the values of an open society and self-reflective critical thinking.

Central European University’s scholarship program in the Master of Arts in Human Arts will cover numerous topics such as Gender and Law and EU Criminal Justice. This will last for a year and it is open to anyone who has a bachelor’s degree.

University of Melbourne: Human Rights Scholarship

As one of the top-ranking universities in Australia, the University of Melbourne is also known to be the number one research university in Australia. It is home to many Noble Laureates such as Elizabeth Blackburn who earned a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and Sir James Mirrlees who earned a Nobel Prize in Economic Science.In addition to all of these, the University of Melbourne prides itself with its engagement with society. Its motto “growing in the esteem of future generations” can attest to this.

University of Melbourne’s scholarship on human rights is open to anyone who wishes to undertake a full-time graduate research study on human rights. A minimum of two years is given to those who wishes to finish a Master’s Degree and a maximum of three years and six months if the student wishes to finish a Doctorate.


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