Human Rights Internship Opportunities in the Philippines

Amnesty International Philippines

Amnesty International is one of the largest known non-governmental human rights organization worldwide. This organization was brought together by individuals during the Martial Law era in the Philippines and throughout the years, it has become quite successful in its area of expertise. Amnesty International has campaigned for the enactment, adoption, and ratification of many laws in the Philippines such as the Anti-Torture Act of 2009, which “defines and penalizes crime against international humanitarian law, genocide and other crimes against humanity, organizing jurisdiction, designating special courts, and for related purposes”.[1]

Their internship program is open to both local and foreign students and anyone who is interested in joining the fight towards their advocacy. Their program is more flexible in regards with the time and your area of interests compared to that of the other internship programs.

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Ateneo Human Rights Center

Located in the Ateneo Law School, AHRC started as an avenue for the law students to be exposed to human rights work and advocacy. It has then expanded from a simple summer internship program. With the addition of Research and Education and Litigation, AHRC has become more established.  Along with this, AHRC has also created specialized desks, more specifically in the area of women, migrant workers, and indigenous people in order to better promote and protect human rights. Using the legal system as a framework, AHRC continues to embed human rights laws into the mainstream.

AHRC offers two types of internship program. One lasts for two weeks while the other lasts for two months. It aims to form its participants while integrating the Jesuit education through the exposure of the participants to the problems of those who are unheard in the society.

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Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances

AFAID is a federation that is composed of multiple human rights organizations that aims to work towards the truth and justice for those who are a desaparecido – a term used for those who involuntary disappear.[2] Aiming to promote international solidarity among different international organizations, AFAID facilitates the search of those who have disappeared, hoping to rescue them. AFAID has come a long way after its establishment on June 04, 1998 in Manila, Philippines. As an Asian-wide federation, AFAID opens itself not only to organizations, but also to the families and friends of the victims, the victims themselves, and those who have the heart to fight for what the organization stands for.

In order to be an intern, you must be an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate student with a discipline that is relevant to the organization. Here, there is no discrimination. Everyone, including those who have different abilities may join their internship program.

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PREDA Foundation

PREDA, which stands for People’s Recovery Empowerment and Development Assistance, is a foundation that aims to save children from sexual abusers. Along with this, it also aims to help the children who are in jail or detention centers in order to give them a new life with dignity and self-esteem. Located in Olongapo City, a place known for its red district due to the high influx of foreigners in the area, PREDA has an active advocacy program around the area – including the villages, colleges, and schools. A therapeutic home was also established by PREDA during the Martial Law era in order to offer sanctuary to the children who were sexually abused.

PREDA offers an internship program to foreign and local students that can last from two weeks up to six weeks. Research will be one of the main focus of the internship program as well as the immersion ad fieldwork with the different partner communities of PREDA.

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World Youth Alliance

WYA is an international organization that was created by Anna Halpine in the year 1999. Mainly composed of the youth, WYA works with institutions such as the United Nations and European Union in order to protect the dignity of a human person. What started out as an idea from a conference, WYA now focuses not only on human rights, but also other topics such as social development, global health, economic development, and education. WYA’s work can be divided into three program areas. These are namely advocacy, education, and culture. With the help of the youth, WYA aims to “promote the dignity of the person”.

WYA’s internship program offers opportunities to work not only locally, but also internationally. Its main focus is project management. In order to be an intern, one must undergo their introductory training. It is open to the youth who have a desire to protect and promote human dignity.

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[2] The said disappearances are mostly done by the government officials who wish to silence the people.

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