Scholarship Opportunities on Human Rights for Filipinos

University of Oxford: Brunsfield Oxford ASEAN Human Rights Scholarship As one of the leading universities in the world, the University of Oxford boasts of the many brilliant students that have emerged from their institution. With an admission rate of 17.5% during the year 2015, Oxford is one of the many universities that welcomes international students into its doors. Along with ...

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Australia Awards Scholarship in the Philippines

The Australia Awards Scholarships are renowned international awards that are given out by the Australian government to young scholars the government believes have the potential to become global leaders in the field of development as well as economic and social policy reforms in both the Philippines and the Asia Pacific regions. Through dedicated research and studying, the recipients of the ...

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6 Excellent Grants for Filipino Students

Japanese Government’s Undergraduate Scholarship For the last 54 years, the government of Japan has offered the Japanese Government’s Undergraduate Scholarship to provide opportunities for Filipino students to study at Japanese universities. The award provides 112,000 yen to cover the cost of tuition and fees at Japanese post-secondary institutions for Filipino students pursuing natural science, social science or humanities bachelor’s degrees. ...

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