Australia Awards Scholarship in the Philippines

The Australia Awards Scholarships are renowned international awards that are given out by the Australian government to young scholars the government believes have the potential to become global leaders in the field of development as well as economic and social policy reforms in both the Philippines and the Asia Pacific regions. Through dedicated research and studying, the recipients of the Australia Awards Scholarships gain the skills and knowledge necessary to bring about change and help fabricate important interpersonal links with Australia through full scholarships for master’s degrees and PhD’s.

Australia Awards Scholarships afford the recipients full scholarships for the minimum amount of time necessary for them to complete their unique academic program. Benefits include allowances, return flights, full tuition, living expenses, fieldwork allowance, and healthcare benefits among many others. These scholarships are thereby valued up to AU $200,000 for a master’s degree and AU $300,000 for a 4-year PhD.  One feature unique to Filipino scholars through this program is their dedication to making a positive impact in both their communities and respective organizations by going through a re-entry action plan when they return to the Philippines.

Australia boasts some of the most prestigious universities in the world, 8 of which are part of the 100 top ranked universities globally. By going through the Australia Awards Scholarships, Filipino recipients of the reward get globally competitive education opportunities and skills that they can then use to push forward development in the Philippines. As a whole, the Australia Awards Scholarships play a major part in the Australia-Philippines development cooperation and help provide contributions that drive Philippine development by way of education.

The re-entry action plan, also known as REAP, lets recipients of this award help develop and execute meaningful programs that help further development in the Philippines. Applicants have to submit a REAP that outlines how they intend to use their skills and education acquired from Australia in order to help drive progress in their workplace or communities when they return to the Philippines.

The Australia-Philippines development cooperation program aims to allow Australia’s aid in the Philippines and Asian Pacific regions in the way of improving education, strengthening climate change actions, improving local governments and the way they provide basic services, and improve the conditions for security and peace to thrive. These Australia Awards Scholarships have been crucial to the Australian government’s aid in the Philippines.

The government of Australia awards Australia Awards Scholarships with a foundation built upon transparency, merit and equal access while encouraging applications from minority groups and women. Believing that everyone has the ability to facilitate change in their communities, they also provide special consideration to those living with disabilities and those who work directly with organizations recognized by PWD.

To apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship, one can access the application on the scholarship’s website, The potential recipient will then answer a number of pre-qualification questions and, if these requirements are met, will be directed to the application where they will fill out the form and attach all necessary documents required for consideration.

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