6 Excellent Grants for Filipino Students

Japanese Government’s Undergraduate Scholarship

For the last 54 years, the government of Japan has offered the Japanese Government’s Undergraduate Scholarship to provide opportunities for Filipino students to study at Japanese universities. The award provides 112,000 yen to cover the cost of tuition and fees at Japanese post-secondary institutions for Filipino students pursuing natural science, social science or humanities bachelor’s degrees. Recipients can receive the gift annually for up to five years. A living expense stipend of 2,000 to 3,000 yen is also provided, and the scholarship includes funding for travel expenses.

NUS Graduate Scholarship

The National University in Singapore offers a graduate scholarship for Filipino students through their ASEAN Scholarship program. This program provides funding for students from Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines. Applicants must already hold bachelor’s degrees to be considered for this full scholarship. In addition, they must have at least two years of work experience in a field related to the graduate degree that they wish to pursue. An excellent academic record and fluency in English are also required.

New Zealand ASEAN Scholars Award (NZAS)

The government of New Zealand created the ASEAN Scholars Award program in an effort to help individuals receive the education that they need to return to their home countries and work to fight against poverty. Through the program, Filipino students can pursue a post-graduate certificate or doctoral degree in agricultural development, disaster risk management, public sector management or private sector management at a New Zealand university without having to pay for tuition and fees. Eighteen of the awards are granted each year.

University of Westminster Philippines Scholarship

The University of Westminster Philippines Scholarship is a program offered by the University of Westminster in London, United Kingdom. Through this scholarship program, students from the Philippines can pursue master’s degrees without having to pay for tuition. Recipients are also given money for travel expenses and accommodations in London. To qualify for the scholarship, students must first be accepted to a program at the university. They must also prove that they have financial need. A first class honors undergraduate degree and fluency in English are also required.

Fulbright Graduate Student Program

The Fulbright Graduate Student Program was established by the United States of America to provide educational opportunities for talented students who reside outside of the United States. Through the program, students receive full tuition and a monthly stipend while pursuing a graduate degree about the United States, global issues and related fields at select universities in the United States. Recipients will also receive money to pay for fees at their university and for books and supplies. Health and accident insurance are also provided to Fulbright scholars.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Development Scholarships

The European Union offers the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Development Scholarships to provide educational opportunities for students from developing nations, including the Philippines. Students can pursue one of 134 different master’s degrees or one of 42 doctoral degrees with the scholarship. Each program has a different award available for students. Generally, the scholarships provide full or partial tuition coverage, money to cover fees, a stipend for living expenses and money to pay for travel and insurance.

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